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  • JSONP support for Ragic HTTP API Icon
    We've added support for JSONP in our Ragic HTTP API. Just use the parameter callback=, and you can execute cross domain AJAX requests...
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    Ragic Solution Store Icon
    Check out our Ragic Solution Store. You can now install prebuilt Ragic applications to your account with a single click....
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    Ragic new RESTful HTTP API v2 online! Icon
    Ragic's new RESTful HTTP API is online! We won't go into details on the API, you can simply go to Support Center to...
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    Ragic on Chinese Engadget! Icon
    http://chinese.engadget.com/2011/06/02/computex-2011-ragic-builder-light-development/ This article is one article in a series of posts on tech...
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    Partner Center : Create trial accounts for your clients Icon
    We've created a new partner center for our Ragic partners. It's just opened and not with a lot of functions. But the most important function is here:...
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    Ragic server timezone Icon
    Ragic server is always started using the UTC timezone. By assuming the server time is in UTC, Ragic will use Javascript to determine the user's...
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    Remember to commit your BDBWorker! Icon
    If you are develop Java programs accessing the Java API of Ragic. I'm sure you've heard us reminding you that you must use this construct to make...
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    Saved Personal Filter on Ragic v5 Icon
    If you use the filter function on a daily basis, you may be doing the same search everyday. Such as searching for high priority open tickets, or lead...
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    Full Text Search on Ragic v5 Icon
    One of the best features in Ragic v5 is the full text search engine, as some of you have experienced in the beta. Simply enter a keyword and you can...
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    Ragic is on Tech Republic! Icon
    Review: Ragic cloud collaboration tool Takeaway: Ragic allows non-programmer users to bring the ease-of-use of a spreadsheet to an online...
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    Clone Entry Icon
    Cloning entry is here! Now if you want to create a new entry much similar to an older entry, you go to that entry, click on "More" and click...
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    Prettier Excel download, HTML download Icon
    Our Excel download was plain, simple. But it doesn't reflect the form descriptions, number format, date format, row and column heights that you set...
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    Update for Ragic private servers : Root redirection, simple server initialisation process Icon
    1. Added the configuration "ROOT_REDIRECT" to the ragic.properties file. You can set any URL path on the Ragic private server here, and when user...
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    Full text search, e-mail notification rules enhancements Icon
    1. We've modified the e-mail notification rule so that for all users that edited the entry, or commented on the entry, will be receiving...
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    Addons for custom reports and forms Icon
    You can now add any URL to the left sidebar like a Ragic sheet. The URL will be loaded as an iframe at the right area. This feature is great for...
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    Ragic Builder selected as
    Thanks to eWeek magazine! If you have a chance, pick up the next issue of eWeek magazine to see reports on Ragic!
    Ragic v5.0 will be online by the end of 2011Q1 Icon
    We're working really hard on the new version of Ragic: Ragic v5.0. It will contain a very different UI interface, and tons of new features. If you're...
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    Javascript data types vs. Java data types Icon
    One of the most common problem Ragic developers encounter is the difference between Javascript data types and Java data types in workflow programs....
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    New Javascript workflow engine default objects Icon
    We've added a few Javascript workflow default objects for Ragic developers to use when developing workflow programs. You can access them using the...
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    Pop up selection option value picker for linked fields Icon
    The selector works very well in most cases if you know what the value that you want to choose, or knows the letters that it starts with. But there...
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