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  • Date picker Icon
    Date fields now have a date picker available when users click on the cell. We probably should have added this long time...
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    Evernote Integration Icon
    If you are a heavy Evernote user, you're in luck. Ragic now supports data sync from Ragic to Evernote. You can choose...
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    Interactive Tutorial Icon
    For a really long time, the biggest problem with Ragic is that it's really hard to teach someone how to develop with Ragic...
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    New Ragic setup application to configure your Ragic account to replace config.xml Icon
    One decision that we've made in the early days of Ragic is that since we believe Ragic is the best way to develop database...
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    Workflow debug console for server-side Javascript developers Icon
    Right now most of us use response.setMessage to debug the server-side Javascript programs. But it's not as convenient as it...
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    New SDBQuery filter methods in Javascript workflow and Java API Icon
    When you use the query object to query data, which is the SDBQuery in Java API or the query object retrieved through the...
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    Auto complete suggestion for full text search Icon
    When you try the full text search function this morning, you may find that we've added auto complete suggestion panel below...
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    If you registered your account with GMail, you're in luck! We've just introduced open id log in for Ragic! Now you can...
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    Vote for the Ragic feature that you would like to have! Icon
    We're constantly getting great feedbacks on how they're using or designing their Ragic applications, and it would work so...
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    New Ragic Homepage Icon
    How do you like our new Ragic Homepage? New features and pages include: 1. Ragic Support Center : You can find all the...
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    New Excel Form Style, setting display density and font size Icon
    When you log in today, you may notice that all your forms look a little different, hopefully a little prettier. We've...
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    Online spreadsheet vs Ragic Icon
    Summary: Ragic is a database software, not a spreadsheet. Database can contain complex data relations and execute...
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    The joy of graphs and reports on Ragic Icon
    When building a database applications, one of my favorite moments is when you first turn tons of data into one beautiful...
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    Excel Import enhancements Icon
    1. Ragic will now try to automatically determine the default mapping of your Excel sheet by using the header names to guess...
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    Instant DB server backend for mobile developers Icon
    Summary: Mobile developers can use Ragic as the server backend of their apps. Ragic provides a simple HTTP API for...
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    Search in your Ragic application Icon
    Databases are made for searching. What’s the point of putting your data in a database if you can’t find your data...
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    Embedding Ragic forms in your web site or blog Icon
    Whether it's an online order form, or a service ticket request, a lot of time you would like to embed a Ragic form in your...
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    Mass e-mail and SMS on Ragic Icon
    Summary: Go to the listing page of your customers, filter the ones that you would like to e-mail, and choose “e-mail...
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    Ragic HTTP API now supports full text search Icon
    If you use the full text search API a lot, you can use them in your custom applications integrating Ragic. Just add the...
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    Download and restore database definitions, URL tricks Icon
    1. When your database gets really big, it takes longer and longer to use the account backup feature to backup the whole...
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