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  • Ragic CRM Template - A Simple, Effective CRM Solution for Small and Medium Businesses! Icon
    Design Your Greeting Cards/ Emails with Ragic! Icon
    Christmas and year-end holidays are around the corner! If you're not that into handwritten greeting cards, you can make use of Ragic’s automation...
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    Intoduction to Data Management (Part 2): The “Ideal
    Introduction to Data Management (Part 1): Getting to Know Your Data Format Icon
    Builiding Your First Database: How to Get Started <i>Ragically</i> Icon
    How Ikigai Can Help You Cheat Death and Create a Life Worth Living Icon

    What is Ikigai and What Does it Have to do With Me?

    Ikigai is trending for a reason. A top trick of enterprising entrepreneurs, the...
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    The Truth About Business Productivity Tools for the Digital Age Icon
    The most important part of business is what you do, not the technology that you use to do it. Nonetheless, the right tools can you help you to do...
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    I'm sure everyone that has a database set up on Ragic is utilizing the date field as much as they can, but did you know your options on data entry to...
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    Creating Online Forms for Your Business Icon
    Filling out online forms is pretty straightforward for most of us out there. We usually just enter values like our First Name and E-mail address...
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    Creating an Event Management System with Ragic Event management is a stressful, time-sensitive job. You deal with clients, vendors, venues, and...
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    Quick Data Entry Tips: Checkbox ✔️✔️✔️ Icon
    This tip stems from a new implementation in Ragic. All it takes is one click from you while editing a record, and the field value changes! The Continue Reading
    Shopping Cart Problem General solution (Solution with Ragic) Product solutions Response to orders Inventory management...
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    Using the Pomodoro Technique for Time Management Icon
    One of the most important thing I learned during my work life so far is that it's actually important to take breaks. Paul, my internship...
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    Running a Customer Support Portal for Your Business Icon
    Running a support portal in a smaller company means that you might not have access to assign an entire customer support team to serve your clients,...
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    Quick Data Entry Tips: Better Form Design Icon
    Your form design for your database sheet affects the amount of time you spend filling them; don't forget that designing your form in the most...
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    6 Tips on Getting Your Point Across to Customer Support Icon
    Troubleshooting issues to customer support might sound straightforward enough, but as part of a team who assists support, I've come across vague...
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    Using Ragic with Google Sheets Icon
    You can share the links you have generated with the Publish to the Web tool...
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    Quick Data Entry Tips: Populating values with formulas Icon
    Quick data entry is mostly achieved by automating your tasks, so that you can spend more time working on your business instead of doing data entry....
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    Quick Data Entry Tips: Traffic light status indicator Icon
    If you're trying to display from a set of images that will change according to a certain value in a selection field, the easiest way is to use an Continue Reading
    Quick Data Entry Tips: Entering data into linked fields Icon
    Entering data into your Ragic fields are not particularly challenging, but here are some quick tips and tricks on reducing the time you take for data...
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