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  • Excel Catastrophe 7: The Troublesome App Icon
    From Dropbox or email attachments, there come some occasions where you need to open an Excel file on your mobile devices. Depend on the situation,...
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    Decoding Barcodes for the Keys to Your Own System Icon
    How to Prevent Disputes From Happening When Your SYSAdmin Resigns? Icon
    For many cases, the SYSAdmin of a database may be an employee of a company. He or she will have complete control of important company data. However,...
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    The Secret Actions Behind Full-Text Search Icon
    While using full-text search, you may wonder why can’t you find the record you expected. This might happen more often when the field value contains...
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    Excel Catastrophe 6: The Doom of Garbled Text Icon
    You successfully opened a CSV file with Microsoft Excel, and then you see weird text like...
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    Excel Catastrophe 5: Small Mistakes, Big Consequences Icon
    Small mistakes, big consequences: Have you ever messed up a report massively while updating its data on Excel via copy&paste? It is so easy to paste...
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    Excel Catastrophe 4: Loading Forever Icon
    Long ago, it used to take at least 5 minutes to turn on a computer. Nowadays, benefiting from the rapid development of technology, it is hard to...
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    Enhance Your Ragic Database Massively With These Simple Design Tips! Icon
    Building a Ragic database is really simple, it can be created easily by designing many fields and build sheet relationships and actions. However,...
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    Excel Catastrophe 3: The Forsaken Wrong Data Icon
    Gosh! Who changed the file, and at when? It is common to overwrite data in a shared sheet when cooperating with your colleagues, even yourself...
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    Excel Catastrophe 2: The Mysterious Setting of Formulas Icon
    Undoubtedly, formulas and functions are crucial in Excel. It would save you a lot of time at work if you know them well. But only if the setting...
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    Simple Database: New Year, New Goals! Record Your Resolutions Wiser With Ragic! Icon
    Happy New Year everyone! During this time, many may set goals for the upcoming year and hope to improve themselves. However, many of these new...
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    Excel Catastrophe 1:The Hell of Copy, Paste & Save Icon
    Are you still going through the never-ending copy and paste process? You may have a lot of data from various sales orders, and you are forced to...
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    Simple Database: Manage Your Sports Team With Ragic! Icon
    Sports, especially community sports, are becoming more popular among neighborhoods nowadays as it brings so many benefits to children and their...
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    How to Get the Best Assistance From Ragic Support Icon
    Ragic's free Sales Order, Purchasing, and Inventory Management made simple: Sales Order Management template Icon
    Get to Know Ragic, the business database builder for everyone Icon