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  • When managing data, you may have experienced one or both of the following situations: 1. Your data is managed or controlled by an outsourced...
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    ERP Nightmare 04: The Old and Mobile-unfriendly System Icon
    Since the pandemic began, our lives at work are now completely different. Although remote working is now a part of daily life, the level of...
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    Ragic's free Sales Order, Purchasing, and Inventory Management made simple: Purchasing template Icon
    ERP Nightmare 03: The Unbearable Cost of Customization Icon
    A few years ago, Eddie started his own small brand. In the beginning, he didn’t have many resources, so he used Excel to manage his company’s data....
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    A Roofing Database Made by a Roofing Company: R&R Industries' Success With Ragic Icon
    Finding a data solution that fits your own industry can be very difficult. First of all, not all industries have their own data management products,...
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    Migrating Your Spreadsheets to a Ragic Database Icon
    After years of using spreadsheet applications to manage data, you may have thought about migrating to a more comprehensive solution as your...
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    Organize Your Complex HR Data Easily in the Simple HR Template in Ragic Icon
    Excel Catastrophe 9: The Haunting AutoFormat Icon
    Scary stories are popular all over the...
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    Sending blessings to customers on their special days automatically Icon
    It’s always sweet to send blessings to customers on their birthdays or other special days. However, are you always struggling with remembering the...
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    ERP Nightmare 2: The Horror of Unfitting Tools Icon
    What do an ERP system and a suit have in common? The answer is: the custom one is usually better than the off-the-rack product. Moreover, the cost...
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    Being able to customize their own databases is an eye-catching factor for many companies while trying to find a software application to manage their...
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    Excel Catastrophe 8: Easy in Theory, Difficult in Practice Icon
    How hard would it be to make an order list by Excel? Because Excel is one of the commonest office software, it is usual to receive various...
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    From Disorganized Excel to Customized CRM System Icon
    Employee Management: Staying Connected With Colleagues Anytime, Anywhere Icon
    Work With More Efficiency: Have All Your Project Follow-ups Organized in One Place! Icon
    After a few months of quarantine, the spreading of COVID-19 is finally slowing down. Although the pandemic is not over yet, at least it shows the...
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    Making Your Own Baseball Analytics Database Icon
    Ragic Life Application: Tracking COVID-19 Statistics on Your Database Icon
    The outbreak of the virus has made our lives extremely inconvenient and difficult recently. Most of us are stuck in our homes waiting for it to end...
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    Ready to Work Remotely? Icon
    As COVID-19 (Wuhan coronavirus) continues to spread, remote working is now an urgent need for many enterprises to maintain their businesses and...
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    Work at Home With Ease by Using Technology Tools Wisely! Icon
    With the recent coronavirus situation going on in many parts of the world, many of us have been advised to stay away from the public areas as far as...
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    ERP Nightmare 1:Too Many Tools, Too Complicated Icon
    Does your company use an ERP system? A well-designed ERP system could strongly benefit companies in various aspects, such as making inventory...
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