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  • Animal Shelter Management: Optimize your Intake, Foster Care and Adoption Process with the Ragic Template Icon
    HVAC Management: Boost your HVAC Business Productivity with the Free Ragic Template Icon
    The Team Behind the Harry Potter Film Concerts: How Does a 4-Person Team Stay on top of Over 300 Annual Performances? Icon
    Donation and Fundraiser Tracker: Manage your Donations, Fundraisers, and Volunteer Programs. Icon

    Whether your company is a nonprofit or for-profit organization, raising money to support a charity program can be very rewarding regardless of...
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    Office Library: Keep Track of your Checkouts, Catalog, and Reader’s Profiles. Icon
    Set up over a Weekend, Still Going Strong 8 Years Later – How franklyfluent Built its “Super Compact” Database Icon
    Integrating Ragic With Your Existing Systems Icon
    Taking things into your own hands: Free Ragic Template for Asset and IT Request Management Icon
    Do You Use Ragic to teach Data Management? We Want to Offer Your Students Free Ragic Professional License for One Semester! Icon

    Are you an instructor in information management, business administration, or other management subjects? Do you teach courses in database...
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    Specific Industries Don’t Have Suitable Database Software Packages

    There are many different software packages available online for...
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    Accounting Lite: Accounting and Financial Reports Made Easy Icon
    Project Budget and Expense: Helping you Plan your Expenses and Revenues with Precision (Free Template) Icon
    Boosting Administrative Support: Office Supplies Management Template Icon
    HR Hiring Management System: From Resumé Management to Job Offers, Simplified (Free Template) Icon
    Excel Catastrophe 10: Which One is the Real
    Have you ever wonder that is the word “final” be cursed? Because whenever you add “final” in a filename, such as “Q4_Report_Final”, the file will...
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    ERP Nightmare 07: The Forever Antique System Icon
    Talking about operating systems, what is the first one that comes into your mind? You may all have different answers to that question, but if I...
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    From Dysfunctional Spreadsheets to a Comprehensive Ragic Database: Resort Travel Management's Migration Experience Icon
    When companies start their businesses, many of them select to use spreadsheet tools to manage their data due to its accessibility and popularity. But...
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    The Largest Trucking Platform in Southeast Asia Powered by Ragic Data Management Icon
    A fundamental reality of any organization, including those that aren’t profit-driven, is that organizations are composed of people, processes, and...
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    ERP Nightmare 06: Unnecessary processes Icon
    Finally, Joe finished a big project. Joe thought that...
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    ERP Nightmare 05: A Long Wait Adjustment Icon
    “Sorry, would you please make these changes to our ERP system? They are extremely crucial and we need them done as soon as possible.” your colleague...
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