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    Online spreadsheet vs Ragic Icon
    By Jeff Kuo posted on 2012/2/25
    Summary: Ragic is a database software, not a spreadsheet. Database can contain complex data relations and execute complicated queries. For...
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    The joy of graphs and reports on Ragic Icon
    By Jeff Kuo posted on 2012/2/19
    When building a database applications, one of my favorite moments is when you first turn tons of data into one beautiful meaningful chart. It’s like...
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    Search in your Ragic application Icon
    By Jeff Kuo posted on 2012/1/28
    Databases are made for searching. What’s the point of putting your data in a database if you can’t find your data efficiently? Ragic provides two...
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    Mass e-mail and SMS on Ragic Icon
    By Jeff Kuo posted on 2012/1/12
    Summary: Go to the listing page of your customers, filter the ones that you would like to e-mail, and choose “e-mail filtered” from the “more...
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    Multiple Cell Copy and Paste Icon
    By Jeff Kuo posted on 2010/5/23
    A big reason that everybody loves spreadsheets, is that you can manipulate many cells at once. Let’s say you entered an item for your online store,...
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    Facebook Integration Icon
    By Jeff Kuo posted on 2010/5/20
    We know that a lot of our users are not corporate IT guys, but still loves to use Ragic Builder to develop useful applications for the public....
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    Dashboard Online Icon
    By Jeff Kuo posted on 2010/4/21
    Our experiences in the IT department told us, the hard work of making a bunch of data entry and data browsing function is invisible to company...
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