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Using @mention to collaborate with your teammates

If you need to confirm with a teammate if an entry on the sheet is correct or start a conversation with a teammate on an entry, @mention allows you to notify a user in a free text field or the commenting tool. When you type @, autocomplete shows a list of users and user groups to choose from, and [[@ username]] will be displayed after the selection.

When the entry is saved, the user you mention will receive a notification and an E-mail notifying that they are mentioned in an entry by someone. If the user clicks the notification or the link in the E-mail, it will navigate to the entry, allowing the user to confirm the data, comment, and communicate with teammates.

*It is worth noting that if you mention a user in the free text field, they will only be notified the first time they are mentioned. If you would like a user to be notified every time you mention them, you can use @mention in the commenting tool.

It is also worth mentioning that if a user does not have access rights to a sheet, you can still mention them in the entry, but they would not receive the system notification and the notification E-mail. Therefore, please make sure that the user has access rights to the sheet before using @mention.

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