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BBCodes in Ragic

You can use some of the BBCode tags that you would normally use in forums or bulletin boards when you are filling your form in Ragic. Using BBCode tags are extremely useful when you are filling free text fields for internal communication.

These are the supported tags and how they will be displayed:

Text to URL

Make a text into a URL by adding the [url] BBCode.

Run your business smarter

Run your business smarter


Tag a text with square brackets so that it could be searchable in your database. This works great in comments if you know a related entry's ID, and would like to tag these entries.

[search query term]

Use Formulas

You can use formulas in Ragic to display values from other fields with the [formula] BBCode.


Text Formatting

Change the text formatting to bold, italic, underlined, strikethrough, subscript, or superscript with the following BBCodes.

bold text

italic text

underlined text

strikethrough text



Change the color of a text with the [color] BBCode.

Red color text

Below you can see some examples:

BBCode Display
blue text blue text
yellow text yellow text
green text green text
pink text pink text
gray text gray text
orange text orange text
purple text purple text
brown text brown text
cyan text cyan text

This would also work with a hexadecimal color value.

Red color text

Insert an Image

Insert an image, using the [img] BBCode.

You can also add "width x height" as a parameter in the BBCode to resize your image if needed:


Embed a Map

Embed a map by entering an address in the [addr] BBCode.

New York, New York

Embed a Video

Embed a video using the [embed] BBCode.

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