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How to Use Formulas to Obtain and Determine the Value of Approval Fields?

If you have configured an approval flow on your sheet, and have also added the approval field to state the approval status, in addition to the fact that you would like to use a formula regarding the field value (such as using a IF() function), then you would need these values to use your formulas correctly. Below is the chart for the values that each type of status refers to.

Displayed Status on Approval Field Value Used in Formulas
Not started N
Rejected REJ
Approved F
In process P

Therefore, if one of your fields would like to use a formula to reference the approval system field, the value would be "F" when this entry has completed the approval rather than "approved".

Furthermore, if you would like a field to display the approval status of the system field stating the status of the approval flow, you can additionally use the IF() function. For example, IF(D1.RAW="F", "Approved","") will mean that when the value of D1 is "F", the value of this field will be "Approved", and would be empty if it is not "F".

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