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How to send mass SMS through Ragic?

The Send mass SMS feature is available if you subscribe with our Professional plan or above.

The send mass SMS feature sends out SMS (text messages) that you compose, to selected recipients in a phone number field within your records. Your sheet will need to have at least one phone number field, and you will be able to select the phone number field to use for the recipients.

This is extremely useful for sending follow-up messages as an SMS, during promotional campaigns, or newsletters to certain groups of people.

Before you start using this feature, you will need to purchase SMS credits from your Account Billing. (Or click "Get SMS credits" from Send mass SMS configuration to navigate to this page.)

To send out mass SMS, you can first filter your records if necessary, and use the Send mass SMS function under the Tools menu.

Not filtering records would mean that the mass e-mail will be sent to all contacts in your database sheet with the specified phone number field.

Select the phone number field that you would like to send an SMS to, and enter the body content of the SMS.

Ragic uses a third-party service named Twilio to send text messages. You can send text messages to phone numbers in almost any country in the world. If your recipients are outside the US or Canada, please format your mobile phone numbers in the international format E.164, which will include country codes, such as +18886668037. For detailed information regarding formatting phone numbers to send mass SMS through Ragic, please refer to this article.

Clicking on the option Test Send (To Self), will prompt you to enter your phone number to be used for testing in the pop-up window so you can test send an SMS to your phone number.

And you can refer to this article for SMS character limit information.

Another thing is that you will be able to refer to field values within the record that you're using to send out this SMS with variable syntax:

Below is the list of variables you can use in the SMS content:

Variable Description
{{AP_NAME}} Your Ragic account name
{{USER_NAME}} Name of sender
{{FIELD ID}} Value of the field
{{FIELD NAME}} Value of the field

Note. If there are duplicated field names on the sheet, please use {{FIELD ID}} to retrieve the field value instead.

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