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Formatting phone numbers to send SMS messages through Ragic

Regarding how to send mass SMS through Ragic, you may refer to this article

Ragic uses Twilio to send text messages, and you can send text messages to phone numbers in almost any country in the world. So if you're outside US or Canada, please format your mobile phone numbers in international format E.164 like +18886668037.

E.164 international phone number formatting can have a maximum of fifteen digits, and are usually written as follows:

[+][country code][subscriber number including area code]

For example, for a mobile number 05 12 34 56 78 in France, you will have to write +33512345678.

For a mobile number 0911-010203 in Taiwan, you will have to write +886911010203

If you have a "Phone" field already, you may use string formulas to retrieve international format.

For example, if the "Phone" field locates in A2 with format 310-123-4567, you can create a "SMS" free text field with formulas below:


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