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6 Tips on Getting Your Point Across to Customer Support

By Berrin Sun

Troubleshooting issues to customer support might sound straightforward enough, but as part of a team who assists support, I've come across vague comments and nondescript descriptions more often than not.

Our team identifies the issue and assigns the correct person in our team to your ticket, whether it's one of our friendly staff members who may redirect you to the right direction, or one of our developers (who you, as a client never really interact with) who fixes things from the back end.

Here are some reminders I'd like to make that can be helpful when you're trying to communicate with our team to resolve an issue.

1. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Sending a quick screen shot or screen recording to describe your problem is very helpful in identifying solutions relatively quickly. Most of the time a great description helps, but that doesn't let us see if the most common solution would work, and might lead to an e-mail ping-pong.

Instead, a good screen recording will describe the issue and show us how to reproduce it on our own so that we can resolve it faster.

I've also had clients tangent to entirely different issues while trying to describe another. It would be perfectly fine to let us know all the problems you come across that you'd like to troubleshoot in one video, but please try describing these separately and precisely.

Make sure that you don't end up accidentally sending confidential images or anything else you want to keep secret! My coworker Amy recently wrote a blog post about a seemingly normal interaction with a client who sent a screen recording, which inadvertently had an IM conversation pop up that included an explicit image towards the end of the video, which led her to feel extremely awkward.

2. Point to the Correct Direction

Letting us know the URL of your sheet helps immensely when you're trying to describe a problem with one of your sheets without us trying to find it, and is quite faster than just providing the sheet name.

If you have a field that is not working as expected, letting us know the fields' location on the Design Mode (such as A45 or J12) works better than just writing the field name, especially when you have dozens of fields. You might be extremely familiar with your forms' layout, but we look at many different forms every day!

3. Precise Descriptions and Detailed Steps

"It's not working, fix it!"

Statements like, "It's not working, fix it!" would naturally lead to more questions from us, such as "what's not working?", "are you able to log in?", "are you able to load"...

Going back and forth in this way would be more time consuming for you, as you probably want to go back to using your database as soon as possible.

Describing which steps you have went through, leading to the issue helps us to see if we can follow what you have done and try reproducing the issue you're running across. Listing any changes that were recently done in the database might help too.

What you view on your screen, and what went wrong, along with what you were expecting might also help us to diagnose.

A good example for this would be,

"I'm having trouble viewing the sheet "Products" under the "Sales" tab linked below, this happened after I changed the design to remove some of the fields."

4. Share

You can authorize the Ragic support staff to have access to your account by clicking the Need Help? link on the upper-right corner, and filling the form regarding what you need help with. This will give us access to the design mode for your sheets.

You can remove authorization anytime through your user settings.

5. Device & OS information

Since Ragic is primarily ran on browsers, telling us which browser, along with the version number and your operating software version might be helpful in some cases.

If you're using your mobile browser, or any of our native apps, please make sure to let us know!

A few weeks ago I was sent on a wild-goose chase involving images before figuring out that the user was on our iOS app. Once we figured it out, it was a matter of minutes for one of our developers to fix.

6. We usually reply within 12 hours

A good rule of thumb is to wait for a reply from the support staff, we take pride in responding quickly!

Sending us multiple messages as replies to several different e-mails, harassing staff members through Skype, finding staff members' personal e-mail and reaching out through there, leaving multiple voice messages generally don't work. (Yes, these have all happened before!)

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