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  • Checking Ragic on your mobile devices
    By posted on

    Summary: Use your browser to go to http://www.ragic.com/mobile with your mobile device to access mobile version of Ragic!

    Using spreadsheet on mobile device is hard! A few days ago on the boardgame table my friend Charlie tried to fire up a Numbers, the Mac spreadsheet software, on his iPad to keep the score. It took us 15 minutes of “how do you do this and that with a touch device?” before we finally give up and find a pencil and a piece of paper.

    Spreadsheets may great for lots of things on a PC, but it really doesn’t work well on a touch device, at least it’s not intuitive for us to get started. Knowing this, our development team created a mobile version of Ragic, designed to work well with touch devices like smart phones and tablet PCs. We positioned it as a Ragic database viewer, as we know it’s not as easy to enter data on mobile devices.

    You can simply go to http://www.ragic.com/mobile and log in with your Ragic account to use the mobile version. You will see a list of accounts that you are a user of after you log in, usually just one for most users. But you can always add more accounts here that are open to public even if you’re not a user of.

    It’s pretty straightforward after you’ve chosen an account to view, just pick an application and form to view the data, or use the query button at top right to search. The neat thing about this application is that our development team took advantage of the HTML5 offline storage functions to store your data locally. So if you click on a form, and go back up a level to form listing, you will see the date and time the data in the form was last synced. Later on you can access your data even when there’s no Internet connection on your mobile device!

    Tags: frontend mobile
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