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    By posted on

    We know that a lot of our users are not corporate IT guys, but still loves to use Ragic Builder to develop useful applications for the public. Because the public nature of these applications, we see a lot of people that are simply users of the application, not having a clear idea what Ragic Builder is, or not having an idea what he can do with it. He may be using a concert ticket exchange application. As he tries to make a new entry on the database, he will see the prompt that because he doesn’t have a Ragic Builder account, we won’t be able to recognize him the next time, so he won’t be able to edit his entry then. Therefore a lot of the application users are forced to register a Ragic Builder account, even though he may not be interested in building an application.

    This seemed unnecessary, we’ve all already registered too many accounts on the Internet. All Ragic Builder need is to make sure you’re the one who created the entry. So…ta da! We now allow you to log in to Ragic using your Facebook account. In this way, application users will no longer need to register a Ragic Builder account just to modify their data.

    Of course, you will need a Facebook account to do this. Also, if you logged in using your Facebook account, you cannot use Ragic Builder to build applications. If you would like to build applications on Ragic Builder, you still have to register for a Ragic Builder account!

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