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Cover as much feature as possible with Ragic Builder

In most enterprise application projects, at least 70~80% of your application development work can be covered with Ragic Builder.

The advantages of using Ragic Builder over writing custom web applications is pretty evident, you save tons of project human resources on front-end and back-end Web developers and web designers.

Another great thing about using a Light development tool to cover requirements is the quality of the functions. It's a lot less likely to have some functional, security, or performance issues because we've been working on this for so long. All you need to worry about is getting the business logic right, and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Ragic HTTP API to create special UI and reports.

Once you have save tons of resources using Ragic Builder, you can focus your energy on the special UI and reports that users just won't accept if it looks like a spreadsheet.

Ragic has a robust HTTP API that you can call to retrieve any data from Ragic. The API is so powerful that it's the exact same API our Ragic Builder spreadsheet interface calls when you're using it. So you can be assured that this API can do about anything you would like to do with Ragic.

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