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Field descriptions

Field Descriptions / Static Text Fields

A Ragic form not only contains fields, but can also contain static Form Descriptions that serve as instructions, or can be used as a decorative elements on your form. Normally when you start typing in a field in the sheet's Design Mode, it creates a field ready for input. You can change the current editing mode by clicking on the Editing Fields button at the top, and choose Editing Descriptions. By doing so, when you type on the sheet, you will be able to create static form descriptions instead of fields.

Another way to create descriptions is to go to the Add Component tab at the right, and drag & drop a description field listed under Static Text directly into your sheet.

Styling your Field Descriptions

When you click to focus on a description field, you can change its style using the panel on the left sidebar.

There are a variety of formatting options for static text fields displayed on the left sidebar when the field is selected (make sure you focus on the field you are editing). You can set the font style, text size, alignment, text color, cell color, and link to a URL.

Selecting the color options for a static text fields will display a color picker, which has a range of options. You have the option of choosing from swatches, the canvas, or enter a hexademical code in the upper left hand corner.

To adjust the width of a static text field, drag the lower-right corner of the field in the design mode.

Formulas in Field Descriptions

Formulas work in static description fields for display purposes only.

This is useful if you need to recalculate a formula each time your database form is loaded, and do not need to keep this value in your database. You will need to use the BBCode [formula] for your formula to work.

For example, let's say that you would like to view a person's age according to their birthday. The formula [formula](TODAY() - A1)/365.25[/formula] written in a description field would display the age of this person, and will be recalculated according to the current day.

Adding a static image on a form

If you would like to add an image to your form that would show up every time anyone views, you can add it to a description field by using the HTML image tag or BBCode tag. For this, your image should have a URL (whether your image is on Ragic or elsewhere on the internet).

Add a static description field to the field you would like your image to show up in.

Use this snippet to point to your image:

<img src="your URL here"/>


[img]your URL here[/img]

Make sure you save the changes you have made to your design.

Your image will now show up in your form and will also be displayed in the Printer Friendly version. This is useful if you would like to customize your form design more by adding logos, banners, headers and footers to your forms.

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