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Fast Track In The Fast Lane

Yes, with Ragic you can start using your business applications in a day. But sometimes when you need some more sophisticated functions like calculating cost, live integration with your legacy system, you need to unleash the more advanced functions of Ragic.

Ragic Consulting can give you exactly the head start you're looking for when building complex applications on Ragic.

Advanced Ragic Applications

Ragic experts can analyze your business need, leveraging the powerful features like Ragic Javascript Workflow engine, HTTP and Java API, to create you the database system you've been looking for, fast.

Advanced Ragic applications can include customized workflow and business logic for each form, fully customized reporting, or even fully customized user interface.

Follow The Prototypes

Having a live working prototype to learn from is the fastest way to training your development team to build advanced Ragic applications. Ragic applications have significantly simpler and shorter code than you would with most platforms, because most of the database work is handled automatically by Ragic Builder. The only things that needs coding are purely based on business logic, not tons of insert, update, delete code and pages of HTML / CSS / Javascript. Only the important business logic needs to be coded.

We quickly train your development team to follow the examples to build and deliver future enhancements or even new projects, light development style.

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