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Join the Ragic Partner Program

1. Register a Ragic account

The Ragic account for your company allows you to start building applications and understand its capabilities. You can simple start with a free account and evaluate how it can help your current and prospective clients.

2. Fill out Ragic Partner Program Application

Applying for a Ragic partner account is easy and extremely useful when introducing Ragic to your clients. After your application was accepted, you can access partner-only features like creating trial accounts for your clients, lead registration and sales booking, and download the latest product sales and marketing material.

3. Start creating trial applications for your customers

It's always a good idea to take a few hours to create a highly relevant, working demo for your clients when you present your solutions. No matter how little information you have, the prototype is a great starting place for discussion, and it shows your commitment and understanding of their problems.

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