Ragic Builder provides users with functions for customizing the look and feel of their database applications.

The art design of Operation Panel and Database Icon is the best way to show the user's or the company's style and to make your application different. It will also make your user interface more beautiful.

When you create a new database application, the background picture of Operation Panel and database icon are given by default. You can change both of them for the whole database, or just for a specific form of the database. In the following sections, we'll explain how to do it.

Click "Design" in Menu Bar. Now you are in "Designing Ragic Applications" page. Find the application you want to modify. Hover your mouse to the name of the application and click "Style" at the drop-down box if you want the style change for the whole database. Or you can just click the "Style" link of any form to change the style for the form only.

In the Style Setting page you can see it has three major parts. The upper two parts are for Operation Panel design, and the bottom part is for the setting of database icon.

After you are done with the settings, please click "Save Changes" button on the Operation Panel.

From Editing Descriptions, you might already know that you can add descriptions to your forms. But barely adding descriptions next to the fields might not be enough because sometimes we would like to make those plain descriptions more obvious to attract our users. Therefore, Ragic Builder provides users with a Desc Style tool for customizing the look and feel of the descriptions.

To access the desc style tool for a specific form, click on any description you previously created. Then click the Desc Style button in the operation panel. A tiny pop-up window shows after the click. And then you can change the look and feel with the tools in this pop-up.

Editing Descriptions if you are not yet familiar with how to add description to your forms.

Description Buttons to learn how to utilize the function that you can add external links to description in Desc Tool.

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